Wednesday, January 27, 2016

IMF recommends indebted governments confiscate citizens’ assets

On January 26, 2016, the United States has an official national debt of a mind-boggling $18.93+ trillion.

That’s just the official figure we are told. Economists maintain the real debt is much higher. (See “Ex-GAO head: US debt is three times more than you think“)

The national debts of some other countries are even worse.

The debt-to-GDP ratio is a measure of a country’s debt compared to its economic output, which is calculated by dividing its national debt by its GDP, which is the total output of all goods and services of a country and is the primary measure of economic growth or the lack thereof. To illustrate, if the national debt is $1.5 million and the GDP is $1 million, then the debt-to-GDP ratio is:

$1.5m ÷ $1m = 150%

Here are the top 7 worst countries in debt-as-a-%-of-GDP, as of September 2014 (Forbes):
  1. Japan: 227.2%
  2. Greece: 175.1%
  3. Italy: 132.6%
  4. Portugal: 129%
  5. Singapore: 105.5%
  6. USA: 101.5%
  7. Belgium: 101.5%

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Imagine that, a bunch of bankers got together and proposed stealing your savings, assets, and means of survival in order to further their "sustainable debt" controls and continue their scavenging and parasitic existences... Shocker right?

I have friends on the Rails who tell me it's not looking good at the moment. I have friends on the water who tell me it's not looking good at the moment too. Pay attention to the rails and water cargo. Have you studied the Cass Freight Index

Please don't get caught with your pants down. Pay attention...

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Anonymous said...

Contrary to what Mike V. over at Sipsey Street Irregulars believes, Oregon and new gun laws are unlikely to cause a civil war. But start taking the bass boat, Snap-on tools , big screen TV , house, car and bank account, from "Joe" and "Nancy" white bread, and you can bet your assets that .Gov weenies and bankers will start decorating trees, street lights and overpasses across America, and that, most ricky tic too.---Ray