Thursday, January 7, 2016

Drone Jammer Anti UAV Device

My Personal Story

One night, as I slept in bed with my wife on the 2nd story of our 2 story home, the feeling of being watched woke me up out of my sleep. I turned over, rubbed my eyes, and there it was. A hovering drone just outside of our bedroom window. How long were we being watched? I still don’t know if it was just an innocent kid playing with his new toy, a would be thief doing recon on our house, or some pervert using his drone like a high tech peeping Tom.

Like many people, I'm very concerned about the direction that this country is going in, as far as the use of drones is concerned. Anyone can attach a camera or camera phone to one, and spy on you without you even knowing.

Minimum Donation: $10.00 - To receive step by step instructions and materials list for building your own Drone Jammer.

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Whether you love them or hate them, they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Drones are here to stay. They have a very real capability of making a person some serious money if applied correctly. This wouldn't be a bad thing to donate to, especially if you'd like the plans on how to build the device. The real deal magilla gorilla would be to create a drone immune to this tech that also acts as a jammer in flight toward other unwanted drones in your area.

I've recently gotten into drones myself, and have become a fairly decent pilot without a first person heads up display or the VR goggles, all in a short period of two weeks. If I ever get a first person HUD, God help em'... I'd like to get into racing and building them. There is nothing else left for me to learn with the current model I'm using. It flips over to all four sides and is very easy to fly on max speed. I figured I'd learn to wreck a cheap one before I bought an expensive one to tear up. So far so good. It does some really crazy shit if you know how to work it.

Yeah my little mid-sized drone has a camera, but no sound recording. It records in 720p and has terrible light refraction across the lens. The best time of the day to use it to record is when the sun is directly above it. Anything you try to record in the morning or evening is always dark on the ground with the horizon being the brightest until you tilt the lens down and fly forward. But where's the fun in that if you can't hover and see clearly? Let's just say I don't do much recording unless it's the dogs playing in The Backyard or the neighborhood chirrens doing tricks on their new toys. I constantly hear, "Hey Mr Stackz, would you record this bunny hop or kick flip and send it to me so I can post it on my IG or FB?" And I'm all like "Kid, tell your parents they sell these in a lot of stores. I know it wasn't some corporate conglomerate conspiracy to only make one to sell and drive their price up through demand..." Kind of like when someone asks "do you have an extra cigarette?".. "Nope, they only sold me 20 in this pack"... I just can't help being a smart ass at times. 


dav343 said...

It's cheaper to just close my curtains. This device won't stop a Gov. drone.

B said...

A shotgun is the best jammer.

I find #6 works best. Modified.