Wednesday, January 27, 2016

East Texas gun store owners blame low oil prices for new gun trends


Some East Texas gun store owners say they’re seeing gun sales go down and the number of people selling guns increasing. They say it’s linked to a drop in oil prices.

Folks in Kilgore understand that. Oil around thirty dollars a barrel is far reaching; so far reaching that it's affecting the gun industry, even as FBI data shows, gun background checks increased last year, gun store owners like Frank Baggett say that's it’s not happening in Kilgore.

"Nationally they're setting records selling guns all over the country, but in this particular area, our economy struggling," says Baggett.

It's a struggle that Baggett says he's seen now more than ever.

"In 2008, say when the president got elected, my sales like tripled. This past Christmas, I saw like a 50 percent drop from last year. And that was right after the shooting in California and the Christmas rush coming on," says Baggett.

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What he's saying is that folks were getting fat checks when the feast was on and they bought guns with the fun money that was left after necessities, probably when they shouldn't have. Now that they are back to the famine stage, people are finding out that they can't eat metal. Would you sell off some of your firearms so that you could eat or are you one of those who also plans food in with your longevity strategy? Are you resilient long minded folks or are you still on the short term week to week plan?


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