Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Iraq: ISIS Making Millions Off Seized Oil Fields

ISIS, the terrorist group that has taken over a large swath of eastern Syria and northern Iraq, is making millions of dollars selling black-market crude from seized oil wells, Iraqi officials say.

Though the black-market price is far below the going rate of just over $100 a barrel, ISIS could be raking in up to $3 million a day, Foreign Policy reports. Some reports says ISIS is getting only $25 a barrel from Turkish traders..

Still, that is enough to boost ISIS in the short term. It also has raided banks and seized U.S.-supplied weapons when Iraqi soldiers laid down their arms and fled during the ISIS invasion.

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Anonymous said...

Update on this is they have also taken over a dam in Iraq. Officials are worries they will blow it up and flood villages. Not seeing a real problem here...