Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Respect the knife

Do you like your pistol in a hip or leg rig that you'd bet your life on? I'm a pistol fan for sure, but if you can't clear leather and go to work when you need to against a trained man with a knife, you're going to have a rough day if you survive. It doesn't matter that the video below is old because the knife attack never ages. It's the same now as it was back then. A knife will kill you before you even realize you've been hit. Engage the line of attack or get off of it. You always want to be where the blade is not. The first line of defense against an opponent armed with a knife is to avoid close contact, PERIOD. Run if you can, and live to fight another day.

Having been on the business end of a broken beer bottle once before, I'll add that being cut majorly fucking sucks.

That was one swipe! It took only one swipe before I was able to realize what happened and defend myself accordingly. I got lucky. After a few butterfly bandages, Iodine and some super glue, I was back rocking and rolling.You know, young drunk Marines not wanting to get in trouble by command have incredible medic skills when needed.

The fastest way to see how well you handle a knife against a knife is to grab a buddy, don a couple of white shirts, and bust out the red sharpie markers on each other for a few short bursts. You'll learn real quick where your technique is via the red ink left all over your body. Your forearms will have little tick marks all over them. In a real life situation, those small tick marks can slice important tendons and critically functioning muscles in your arms, and you will be disabled. It doesn't take much. 

Watch the video and brush up. It could save your life.

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