Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Liberty County deputies depending on food stamps

LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas -- The Liberty County Sheriff's Office says nearly a quarter of its deputies have either applied for or are on food stamps.

According to Capt. Ken DeFoor, at least nine of the department's 37 deputies have applied for government assistance because they can't make ends meet on the agency's $35,800 a year salary.

"To ask someone to put their life on the line for such low salaries is almost a travesty," said DeFoor.

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Can't make ends meet... 

Welcome to the party guys!

$35,800 / 2080 hrs = $17.21 / hr

Surely they've got a hookup in that food stamp office. I know if it were other folks like you and me, that amount of money per year would surely disqualify us because we make too much money.

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