Thursday, July 3, 2014

Next project

Items required :

1 Recycled Washing Machine Drum (used appliance store for $10)

Angle grinder (optional)

Cup wire brush, Cut-off wheel, and Flap-wheel sanding disc (for grinder, also optional)

Safety Glasses (unless you prefer braille)

Angle-stock and Flat-stock steel (optional)

High heat black paint (optional)

Step 1: Strip the drum. Remove all plastic bits including plastic rim (right) and plastic base (left). Clean off any gunk. 

 Step 2: Remove center spindle. This is optional.

 Step 3: Cut off metal lip. Again, this is optional but makes the top look a little more clean.

Detail of removing the top lip. It’s pretty rough when you take it off but then you can grind it down with the flapper-wheel.

Step 4: Smooth out the top lip, any metal burrs, or jagged edges.

Step 5: The wire brush will make quick work of removing years of soap scum.

 Step 6: Fab some steel legs and weld them to the base so it will be off the ground just a bit. This is also optional. Those little square tabs are added so it doesn’t sink in the ground.

 Step 7: Paint your firepit. Be sure to use high-heat paint. Black matte is a good choice.

  Step 8: Break out the homebrew, invite neighbors to come over and get their asses kicked at Washers, and crank them tunes up!


Sunfighter said...

Now that's a cool idea. I took a propane tank and used a hand held grinder to cut out a door, cut a stove pipe hole, mounted a stove pipe. So I like re-purposing things myself. Never thought about using a washer tub as a fire pit. I like the idea a lot...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, definitely cool idea. I was looking at a folding burn cage for burning old mail and small tree branches on the property but its kinda pricey. THAT one above looks more like it. Thanks for the idea.