Thursday, July 17, 2014

Leucauge venusta

The Venusta Orchard Spider is common from Southern Canada to Columbia, along the East Coast, reaching down into the central US. 

I caught this beauty out of the corner of my eye as the garden was being tended to last night.

The day glow orange is what drew me in to it.

Amazing the things you notice when you slow down and pay attention isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Can those things grow to the size of about 3" - 4" long from front to back ? We had a HUGE web last year with some armored 'alien' looking spider that resembles that a lot - but was shiny silver where the orange spots are on that one.

Weird a$$ spider, I'll give you that.

Stackz O Magz said...

Anon, this one was close to 3" spread out so I'd bet it was some of the same line of spider. I've seen some with Silver on them when the orange or yellow was absent.

charlie franzén said...

Scary thing you have there :/