Friday, July 11, 2014

Marine Corps tests massive new amphibious assault vehicle dubbed the UHAC

Now, I don't know about you guys, but this looks like it'd be a sitting duck. I'll take the LCAC any day of the week compared to this thing. Yeah, the UHAC is offering almost three times the payload, topping out at 190 tons. In addition to greater hauling capacity, the UHAC will also increase launch range to some 200 nautical miles, and will be able to carry three main battle tanks ashore, each weighing some 60 tons. It also reduces speed from what the LCAC can offer of 40 knots down to 20 knots. I've done a few amphibious landings from the LCAC into 10 ft of water before, and I can tell you, you start wondering if your truck will make it as the water pours over and into the cab. The fording kits make you realize quickly just how bad ass diesel engines are when water cannot get in them. Being dropped off at the 2nd sand bar, in the dead of night at high tide, is an entirely different monster in itself though. Here's an LCAC fully loaded with whoop ass if you've never seen one.

Which would you rather roll on?

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