Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Marines testing Google's robotic Dog


The U.S. Marine Corps has enlisted the help of a four-legged devil-dog of sorts.

A robotic mule known as the Legged Squad Support System, or LS3, is taking part in military exercises in Hawaii.

LS3 is designed to carry 400 pounds and travel 20 miles without refueling. The robot is operated by a Marine with a sensor strapped to his or her foot.

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This idea has been around for the last several years. Boston Dynamics is a Google owned company for those of you that don't speak Defense Technology. It appears that it has sparked enough interest for it to go to field trials finally. Great... I wonder when "Weapons of war have no place on our streets" Barry will authorize his army of Brown Shirts to teach it how to sniff out dissent and eliminate threats accordingly?

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