Friday, July 25, 2014

Lost tribute flag found almost 10 years later at flea market to be returned to fallen Marine's Mother

 A tribute flag dedicated to fallen Lance Corporal Fred Maciel was found July 7 at a Sabine County Flea Market after missing for almost 10 years. Lanie Brown and her husband bought the flag for a mere five dollars despite its true value. 

Brown says the flag was priced cheap because of writing found on the flag. Once she noticed the writing Brown says she knew it belonged to a fallen Marine.

Brown's son and daughter began searching for Maciel using websites and social media. She found that Maciel died in a helicopter accident in Fallujah, Iraq in 2005. Before long Brown realized Maciel's mother lived just hours away in Spring, TX. 

As a mother to a Marine herself, Brown will hand deliver the flag to Maciel's mother on Saturday.

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Good one some people are still righteous