Friday, August 22, 2014

2nd co-owner of slaughterhouse facing charges over bad meat

(CNN) -- A second former co-owner of the California slaughterhouse involved in a recall of nearly nine million pounds of meat was charged with knowingly processing and distributing meat from cancerous cows, court documents released this week say.

Robert Singleton, co-owner of the Rancho Feeding Corporation in Petaluma, was primarily responsible for purchasing cattle and loading shipments for distribution, prosecutors say.
He is charged with distributing "adulterated, misbranded, and uninspected" meat, according to the documents.

Singleton jointly owned the meat plant with Jesse J. Amaral Jr., the former president and general manager who is also known as also known as "Babe Amaral."

Amaral and his former employees, Felix Sandoval Cabrera and Eugene Corda, have all been charged with unlawful sale and distribution of contaminated meat.

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And a pound of ground beef is going for what, 4 bucks right now? These people love pouring the coals to you any way they can. There is no telling how many people they made sick with this. This is why I suggest harvesting as much venison and feral pork as you can. That's the original fast food! We eat meat that has been butchered and processed at my kitchen table almost 9 months out of the year. If I could, I'd eat deer every day.

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