Friday, August 29, 2014

Armed Texans say they're heading to the border to deter illegal immigration

"So it's pretty disgusting that our own citizens--Texans haven't stepped up to patrol their own border."

That disgust has sparked action in Derek Poe. The owner of Golden Triangle Tactical in Beaumont is forming a volunteer group that Poe says will go to the border to act as a "force multiplier."

"We can't detain [illegal immigrants]... we'll just call it in to the border patrol, have the border patrol come and pick them up."

Poe says the militia will serve as a deterrent as they work on private property.

"Usually though, 9 times out of 10... If [illegal immigrants] see other guys on the opposite side of the fence, they're not going to cross."

Those who join the group will get a plate carrier, night vision goggles and an AR-15. But the group isn't open to everyone. Poe says there are membership requirements.

"If they want to join this, come in do the application, so we can run a background check, everything else on it, and then we'll set up for an interview process and then we'll start the training," he explained.

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Just the local boys makin' noise! Mr. Poe gets shit done. The dude has balls as big as church bells. I advertise for them over on my sidebar. Give em' a click.

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