Friday, August 29, 2014

Cop who was photographed holding a beer bong for football game tailgater faces investigation

Police are saying a officer captured on camera holding a beer bong 'appears to have used poor judgement.'

The photo, which appeared on theChive.com, was taken with tailgaters at a Cleveland Browns football game. 

The officer, Cleveland Patrolman Carl Dooley, appears to be helping the unidentified tailgater drink the beer bong in the Municipal Parking Lot.

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And this is a problem why? Oh, because he wasn't being a revenue enforcer for the city and extorting money from people via writing citations and petty bullshit?
I applaud the guy. That's good shit Officer Dooley.  I'm sure all the tailgaters that show up enjoy having you around. It's a tailgate party at a Brown's game. Isn't there supposed to be open containers? 

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