Thursday, August 28, 2014

Immigrants Can Now Obtain Asylum for Spousal Abuse

HOUSTON, Texas -- Foreign individuals may now seek asylum in the U.S. due to domestic abuse in their home countries. On Tuesday a federal immigration board ruled that a married Guatemalan woman, fleeing a violent husband back home, could obtain political asylum.

The Board of Immigration Appeals ruled that a woman who has been abused by her husband has endured "harm rising to the level of persecution," according to the San Francisco Gate. The woman, who is currently in the U.S. with her three children, reportedly endured weekly beatings; her husband apparently burned and raped her. Despite the alleged abuse, police in Guatemala said they could not help the woman. 

The ruling is significant, as the Board of Immigration Appeals oversees the immigration courts of President Obama's Department of Justice. 

The board reportedly acknowledged a culture of violence in Guatemala, which cases its domestic abuse victims to be in a "particular social group." Such jargon implies "a crucial qualification for asylum eligibility," according to the Gate

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Yep. Continuing to give the ship away one rivet at a time aren't they? 

By whatever loophole they can muster it seems. 


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