Friday, August 15, 2014

Marine Mario Alejandro turned away from Six Flags Great Adventure for 'offensive' shirt

AVENEL - An Iraq War veteran says Six Flags Great Adventure turned him away in front of his wife and young children because of what he was wearing.  

Mario Alejandro says the park owes him an apology after saying the shirt he was wearing was inappropriate. 

The shirt features an M-16 in the colors of the American flag and the words, "Be Calm and Fire Back." Alejandro says it's patriotic.

Alejandro, who served two tours in Iraq, says he bought the shirt to support reconfoundation.org, a veterans group.

The Marine says he tried explaining to Six Flags staff that he is a veteran and that the shirt is to support the military. 

"As soon as I showed him the back of my shirt he said, 'I don't care. Get out of here, get out of here,'" he says.

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You're damned right it's Patriotic. Wear your support shirt proudly brother. The only good thing about this kind of censorship is that it shows you who your enemy is. I'd have told them to stick that communist censorship up their sore and sensitive asses. They ain't seen offensive yet... You can spend your hard earned money at places that still embrace American Pride.

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