Monday, August 4, 2014

Since 1898

This is my personal companion minus the handle retainer strap with shoddy button snap. Heavily used would be an understatement. I've thrown her, sank her to the hilt in hog fat, and whittled away afternoons in the shade on a piece of wood. I'd bet my life on both of her edges. She will cut three ways - Long, deep, and continuously.

Do you KA-BAR too?


stevierayv said...

I do!

Anonymous said...

Great knife and tool. I own one, but its a safe queen, boxed up and put away. A little too much blade for my area though, the Air Force survival knife is more useful where I play. My favorite WWII Theater knife pattern is the Western Small Shark, very similar to what you have there.

Maybe a continuous latigo leather strip as a retainer - just tie it through the strap cuts. It slows down fast draws, but like the hammer loop on old single action western holsters, helps keep you from losing it when you are otherwise distracted.

Very cool knife - thanks for the picture.