Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Back at it again

We had an awesome trip full of sensory overload. The aesthetics of the places we visited will be imprinted on my upper receiver group for life. I have found a few new places I'd love to live one day. The little community of Wimberly Texas has much to offer if you're ever thinking about getting away for a stretch.

Behold the awesomeness of small town Texas...


Our little swimming hole was the best spot on the river. Water was near high 60's and moving very slow. The shelf that comes out in it provided many small fish and larger catfish a safe haven. They were plentiful.

Perfect for the Bearded Backyarder right?

Knapped Obsidian Blade with Deer Antler Handle 

Knapped Agate Blade with Coyote Jawbone Handle


We were able to finish off two gallons of Strawberry Blonde. It generated some interesting convo to say the least...

I'm not real sure what kind of spider this guy was and don't care. I almost walked into the thing on a midnight walkabout. Nothing on Earth can make a grown man bust out in random dance moves faster than a spider. I don't care how tough you think you are, this is serious business!


I am fascinated by these animals because I stalk, kill, and eat them during Deer season every year. I was able to get very close which is not what I'm used to without a rifle in hand.

                A couple of Bucks laid up in the shade....

If Heaven is your thing, here's where you'll find a slice of it...


              A little midnight tight line action with blood bait.

Best Burgers in San Marcos Texas, hands down...

We even made it to a Zipline course. It's been years since I've been in a harness and it felt good to get back to doing something I'm familiar with. I wish they would have offered a rappelling course or something like it. I've been known to nose dive off platforms face first and pull brake at the last second.... Good times.


Phil said...

It does look like a very nice place!
being from the West Coast I always think of Texas as mostly scrub and being hot. I drove through the upper part once a long time ago so I really don't know the state at all. Those knives were freaking cool man. That Agate blade was wicked.

I can tell you one thing about me, I have relatives all freakin' over the South and was pretty much raised by my Grandparents who were from Missouri and Tennessee.
I am a small town kind of guy and can't fucking stand living in this city environment.

I grew up out in the woods and the brush.

Miss it to this day.

That must have been a wonderful trip guy.

Stackz O Magz said...

Phil, it was just what the Dr ordered. I was a tad burned out at work and needed a break before I started breaking things. I'm a rock hound man. I'm always looking for good piece of flint/chert to knap with. Those blades were in a Rock shop on the little town square. Of course I had to pop in and see what they had. I ended up coming home with a few pieces of Texas Holey Rock for our fish tank for free, just by striking up a conversation about knapping with the owner. It's a really cool small Texas town.