Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We are under planned assault

Texas Border Chaos

El tren de la muerte 

I'm not one to get political too often because I know it's all bullshit, and the game is rigged. I have an uncanny ability to smell an ambush on the horizon. You cannot tell me for one second that this isn't a setup by the power brokers to see how Gov Goodhair is going to react. Either you accept the Federal goodies like a good little groveling bitch Rick, or we will force you to beg for it whether you like it or not. This is all by design and I'd say the bastards are getting ready to go ahead and shore up their votes for the 2016 National elections.... Those are already determined as well, but hey, why not go for a little extra padding while you can right? There will be no republican or tea party voting block that can make a difference against these handout loving communist scum who'd prefer to see folks like you and me shot behind the ear and kicked over in a ditch. The illegals are not only Latinos, but they've got a mix of many other nationalities with known terror ties trying to get into the US via Texas as well. Order out of Chaos is the name of the game. Oh please, someone from the Government swoop in and save us, you know, for the safety of the children and shit. Or, do they prefer we send our kids to schools with diseased immigrants that carry shit that you can't wash off in the bathtub?

Illegal immigration is called Illegal for a reason, so save me all of the PC shit. I know for sure if I did something "illegal" and it was known by Barney Fife that it was illegal, they wouldn't be able to get me in handcuffs fast enough to show me how criminal I am. Hypocrisy at it's finest...

*** They are now arriving at a rate of more than 35,000 a month*** Let that sink in. 

Where in the hell are they supposed to go? 

They won't find any quarter here...


stevierayv said...

I couldn't agree more man they are displeased with us.

Anonymous said...

Where are they supposed to live? Who is going to pay to feed them ? Where are they going to work ? Do they already know English - how will their kids learn in our schools ? Total culture shock - ask California how it is having to deal with 50 + nationalities at the same time - its going to be CHAOS!