Thursday, June 5, 2014

Dresser Rehab

I am blessed to have such a talented woman in my life. She's my live in professional painter who can run a brush as good as the day is long, I swear. She ran her own highly successful painting company for many years and gave it up to raise chirren's... She's done a few of these for our place that have turned out really nice. There's really not a lot to it she tells me. My patience level is not as good as hers, so without that, there's a lot to it for me!

I leave stuff like this up to the Squaw since she knocks it out of the park every time. I'm just the muscle to get it up in the back of the truck or move it around 14 times where she wants it upon completion.


When it got to this stage she had several people drive by and stop to ask if it was for sale. I've always told her she's missing her calling in life. Her dream job would be to work in antiques, vintage furniture, and refinishing. I'd probably never see her again if that happened.



Her old soul is what keeps me attached at the hip to her. We are estate sale junkies who have no problem getting up early to go see what our next treasure find is. Hit a trash pile on the side of the road sometime. You'll find all kinds of good stuff and stuff you think you want but don't need it. 

Here's a tip for you: If it looks like junk, IT'S JUNK, leave it there and don't waste your time on it because someone threw it out for good reason! If you brought everything home you found, it'd look like Fred Sanford's house before you knew it...

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