Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Texas Dumps State Inspection Sticker

Texas dumps state inspection sticker for single tag

(HOUSTON) – The view outside your car’s windshield is about to get larger as Texas adopts a single sticker for both state vehicle registration and inspection.

The second sticker will be eliminated beginning March 2015, after the Texas Legislature passed the new policy to combat fraudulent window stickers.

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This tells me that the Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cruisers and cameras are going to be everywhere they are not already. Yes, they are reading and cross checking your plates for any warrants, proof of insurance, wanted bulletins, stolen vehicles, "aggressive" attack Yorkies and Schnauzers, kidnapped children, missed child support payments, raw milk and honey production without FDA approval, political dissent, lemonade stands, and more. They are also storing the data they collect for years, creating vast warehouses of information, including the exact time and location of vehicles scanned, that can be mapped, searched and data-mined. This allows them to build a data-web on your movements, habits, and frequented locations. If you're not breaking any laws and have committed no crimes, why do they need this data on you? There’s little doubt that the license plate readers could help law enforcement with critical duties, but we all know what can help nab a fugitive or recover a stolen vehicle can also be used to conduct mass surveillance or target political dissidents. Yep, there's the money shot...

Oh, you don't like the local Judiciary crowd, and have had the nerve to meet up with other folks of like mind to exercise your right to free speech and discuss your distaste in the judiciary's performances? Guess what? They've had the ability to pattern your movements and they know where you're meeting your buddies at to be a "terrorist minded" little dissident, even if you may be a Veteran, NRA Certified instructor, or local Preacher. Yep, they don't care who you are.

Don't say you didn't know that they were logging everything on you to be used against you in a court of "Law" when you finally do get cuffed up for something petty when I told you so here...

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