Thursday, June 5, 2014

RIP Corporal Chester Nez

Last of Navajo Code Talkers Corporal Chester Nez passes away 

Marine veteran Michael Smith wept Wednesday when he heard about the death of Chester Nez, the last of the original Navajo Code Talkers.

Smith, from Window Rock, who had met Nez several times, described him as a "quiet, humble" Navajo Marine.
Smith said that the passing of Nez — the last of the first 29 Navajo men who created a code from their language that stumped the Japanese in World War II — marked the closure of a chapter in the story of a special group of veterans.
Nez died Wednesday morning in Albuquerque, where he lived with his son Michael. He was 93. His family said he died of kidney failure.

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I've always paid my respects to these old Salty Dogs of Marine Corps glory. These gentlemen faced incredible odds and went to War for their Nation when they were needed the most. Not one time did the Japanese EVER crack the Navajo code. That's special right there. These young men developed a way to battle rattle between each other on their own. That says the USMC had great trust in their abilities. 

Fair winds to you my Brother. Your service to this Nation is greatly appreciated.

Semper Fi.

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