Thursday, June 19, 2014

Of peace and stuff...

It won't be long now... They've already told us they'd see us in New York again. We've been releasing them in pro-terrorism countries, who support their Jihad networks and tell us they don't, all while taking our "US Aid" in the form of weapons and tanks. Keep believing our best interests are at heart if you want to...

Somehow they aren't expected to return to their trades since they were psychologically profiled before their release and showed no intent to cause any more harm to innocent people? Boy, they sure do seem like good little terrorists now don't they? All reformed and shit... The only cure for these acute lead deficiency plagued sand fleas is administered from the barrel of a rifle. Remember Zombieland rule #2 - The double-tap. 

The ROE's probably say now we've got to try and hug it out first, even if we see them with a rifle or one of the MANPAD's "that came up missing" strapped to their backs. We should be more understanding of their plight is what I've been told. I just hope they are as understanding about windage and elevation as I am when they finally decide to bring their Jihad to our doorstep, without Al-Ciaduh help. 

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