Wednesday, September 3, 2014

3 police officers allegedly restrain HS student for using cell phone

HOUSTON – HISD officials are investigating a controversial video. The video appears to show three police officers holding down a female student as she screams.

One of the officers puts his knee on her head.

Students at Sam Houston High School said it happened after the girl was caught using her cell phone in the hallway.

Story and video here 


Oh the horrors of "illegal" cell phone usage by teen girls! It's a good thing they put her terrorist ass down quickly, she could have sent out a text to her parents or something about being out of lunch money... We cannot have these kids thinking for themselves and being individuals! Just imagine if she would've had a voice recorder on her for class notes. That might merit a SWAT call.

I love the "allegedly" part of the post title. As always, keeping cops innocent until proven innocent by a cop ran IA board. If it's you and me "allegedly" doing something, we will be violated and punished to the fullest extent allowed as our innocence is proven in an expensive legal trough of bullshit. Allegedly there was someone recording this alleged restraining on a cell phone from what I'm seeing. I wonder if they got the same treatment...  What do you guys think?

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Anonymous said...

I think it's about time people started going Dorner on these pigs. It won't get better til we make their lives worse.