Thursday, September 18, 2014

East Texas police department suspended from military surplus program

EUSTACE, TX (KLTV) - The Eustace Police Department has been suspended from the Department of Defense's program that provides military surplus to law enforcement agencies. 

The Defense Logistics Agency said the suspension occurred on September 8 and the department has been forwarded to the DLA's Office of Inspector General for an investigation. Eustace Police Chief Ken Holder was terminated by the city council during a meeting on September 4 for 'multiple violations of the employee handbook and police department code of conduct.'

Eustace leaders have not commented what sections of the handbook and code of conduct were allegedly violated by Holder. Eustace Police Department's entrusted property room was cataloged by members of the Texas Rangers to "determine whether the department has adequate controls over seized property, drugs, and evidence to ensure that they are tracked and safeguarded." 

An independent audit was asked for as a result of the removal of the police chief;  to establish a baseline for an incoming police chief to begin," Department of Public Safety spokesperson Jean Dark said Tuesday in a statement.

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He wasn't sharing his abuses of power with everyone else and got ratted out is what I'm thinking... Hey, it's a start.

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