Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Up close and personal

That's what I'm talking about... Now that looks like fun! He just got a nice adrenaline hit of off that shit... I've been in similar situations tracking shot hogs before. If you don't get the meat the Yote's will. That's for sure. My little barefoot squaw refuses to go into the woods with me anymore because of things like this. She doesn't like being in the woods at night. She had a bad experience with a few hogs a couple of years back when it got dark and we got up out of the deer blind to walk 1.5 miles back to the truck. I ain't ever seen her hump it out on a trail like that before. She was bitching on the way in to the blind but not a peep was heard outta her on the way out. You can drop me off right in the middle of them for all I care. Bring it on.


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Anonymous said...

Time in the woods is way different after dark, isn't it ? The difference between a full moon lit night sky and a dark of the moon phase is similar but different. A FOGGY SOCKED IN night stroll - whoa, that getting near horror movie feeling there, the feeling of a wet spiderweb folding around your face - yeesh!

I remember years ago, walking to a tripod blind (elevated seat on three legs about 8' high) on such a night. A spooky ass walk, got settled in and then - SILENCE. I more felt than heard something light in a nearby tree. Silence. Then Who OOOO - damn Hoot Owl! Nearly in my ear it sounded like, shit I flinched and felt the tripod tilt, then right itself. Scared the shit out of me.

I love coyote hearing coyote music. I can't call worth a damn though. Thanks for the video.