Monday, September 8, 2014

Virus hospitalizes hundreds of kids in Midwest and South

Preston Sheldon’s mother said he seemed fine when she took him to preschool on Tuesday. Minutes later, according to News Channel 4, the Kansas City mom got a call that her 3-year-old was having trouble breathing.

“You could see his ribs and his stomach was pushing out really hard. I thought it was an asthma attack,” Pam Sheldon told the station.

Jennifer Cornejo of Lone Tree in Colorado told News7 in Denver her 13-year-old son William had cold symptoms that developed overnight into a life-threatening respiratory illness. “He was in really bad shape,” she said. “He came really close to death. He was unconscious at our house and white as a ghost with blue lips — he just passed out.” 

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Vitamin C and hand washing are our friends mmmkay?

Border situation? Anyone think this may have been illegally imported by undocumented dreamers?


milo said...

Sounds like the intense immune system response to the Spanish influenza of the WWI time period.

Stackz O Magz said...

Jay at Eatgrueldog nailed it...


This shit is coming across our border.