Tuesday, September 23, 2014

White tiger kills man at Indian zoo

(NEWSER) – What is certain is that a young man was mauled to death Tuesday by a white tiger at the New Delhi zoo. What is less certain is how he ended up in the enclosure.

The Times of India and BBC use words like "tumbled" and "slipped": A witness tells the latter that the railing was "very low," and the man, identified only as Maqsood, may have accidentally fallen.

But a rep for the National Zoological Park tells the AP the man intentionally approached the tiger, going so far as to climb over the enclosure's low fence before jumping down 18 feet into a protective dry moat; the male tiger lives on the island the moat surrounds. Those who were on the scene say the tiger immediately approached Maqsood, and "silently watched him for nearly 15 minutes."

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I cannot fathom what would cause someone to willingly jump into a tiger exhibit, but hey, whatever gets your rocks off I guess...

 Katt Williams on Tigers :



Dapandico said...

DOJ deploying the hate crime team.

Samuel Gonzalez said...

Thank you for adding The Last Tradition to your Blog roll. I've added you to mine.

fjord said...

Cuz animals are all cute and cuddly and talk like humans and stuff. They know I dont mean them harm, so therefore they wont hurt me.