Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Colorado is missing $21.5 million in pot taxes

Voters legalized retail marijuana (pot for everyone, not just medical patients) in 2012. And they were told the state would pull in $33.5 million from two new taxes in the first six months of 2014. It turns out, the projections were way off. Here's why. 

Pot smokers are still buying on the black market: The state thought more people would migrate out of the black market. But only 60% of people who want pot in Colorado this year will buy it through legal channels, according to an estimate from the Marijuana Policy Group.

One big reason: Legal pot costs a lot more than illegal pot -- mostly because of taxes and fees. 

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Anonymous said...

Another reason is that a lot of counties still haven't gotten around to ruling on where, when, and if a pot shop can open in their area. When you can call Chad and have him bring it by as opposed to driving two counties over to get it, the choice is pretty easy. Most pot smokers are not the "go-get-'em" type.


Stackz O Magz said...

Brass I hear you. Crack heads and tweekers steal money out of grandmother's purse and try to trade her 13" black and white tv for dope. Potheads are asleep usually when that shit occurs at 3 in the morning and if they steal anything from you, it'll be couch space and a honey bun. They are not known for exerting incredible amounts of effort to re-up the stash by driving across 3 counties to get it.