Thursday, September 4, 2014

Schizophrenic man armed only with pellet gun 'had no face after being shot 80 times' by Texas cops

A man killed by police officers in Texas on Saturday was armed only with a pellet gun and was shot more than 80 times, leaving him with 'no face', family members said. 

The Laredo Police Department said it placed six officers who allegedly opened fire on Jose Walter Garza on administrative duties pending an internal investigation, media reported.

The incident, much of which was recorded on a surveillance camera, took place outside a truck stop on Saturday at around 2 am.

Police began firing at 30-year-old Mr Garza after he 'put his finger on the trigger guard and pointed at the officers', according to a police spokesman.

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80 rounds... 80... I guess one magazine worth probably wouldn't have done the job..

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