Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Glory TV Technique of the week : Overhead Right

Are you putting in any bag work? Are you doing things to improve your offensive and defensive skill sets? You'd better be. Somewhere right now there are people who are polishing their skill sets up a few degrees higher than the average bear. 3 days a week in 1 hour workouts isn't enough. I should be working harder. You should be as well. There will be contact in our future with people who want to boss you around and make you do things that you flat out don't want to do. You will comply or you won't. When you don't comply, be prepared to fight. Being able to gain a few degrees of separation with a strike will break a hold on you and provide you with another opportunity to follow up with a shot that lets everyone around you know that they'd probably better not attempt stepping into your 3ft bubble again without a weapon. It will also give you the chance to break contact and run if you are outnumbered and able to attempt an escape. We live to fight another day.

This is a mean and nasty punch. If you have any athleticism at all, you can throw it. When it lands, it causes fireworks to go off between the brain and brain casing. The disruption of neurological function works wonders for us. It tears our coordination off the bone and when the feet go out from under us, our hands aren't too far behind. 

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