Friday, September 19, 2014

Going to give this a try


I grew up watching Bas aggressively denger de denger de deng the shit out of people in Pancrase and the UFC. He's an awesome dude. I figured what the hell, it can't be that bad, it's El Guapo. I've taken instruction in several disciplines before and I'll be honest, I get bored because the class is either full of kids or the action is way too damn slow and repetitive. Snooze fest... 

I'd much rather prefer to get down and dirty if I'm paying for monthly instruction. This should help with the solo workouts. He provides instructions going through the exercises and he's got a sense of humor. Don't ever let the idea that people with a heavy mid section are incapable of certain things. Everyone has a plan to whip up on the fat kid until they kicked in the jaw. 20lbs off of my frame would make a big difference and definitely help me sleep better. Better sleep means better performance during the day. Plus, hunting season is coming and I need to be a bit slimmer to haul bodies out of the woods. Dudes with soup bones like mine don't get slimmed down without being in hard labor camps, having a parasite, or being drug addicts. Sweat equity works. Look at the pyramids. I need a little extra motivation to help keep me fit. Fatigue will make cowards of all men.

Some get that, some don't...

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