Thursday, October 2, 2014

'Dual Survival' star stripped of SF Association membership

Discovery Channel’s “Dual Survival” reality star Joseph Teti, a former Army and Marine Corps special operator, has been disavowed by the Special Forces Association and stripped of his membership with the group.

“He is no longer a member and cannot rejoin,” retired Army Col. Jack Tobin, president of the association, told Military Times.

The association’s National Board made the decision after some two dozen current and former Special Forces soldiers came forward with allegations of misconduct against Teti. In the group’s 50-year history, only 10 members have gotten the boot.

Although Tobin declined to discuss the specifics of Teti’s removal, the group’s bylaws allow for membership to be revoked for lying about their Special Forces credentials or any “actions, deeds, or behavior by a member which brings discredit, humiliation, or embarrassment upon the Association.”

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This story has hair all over it. I can understand a little of both arguments. Yeah, the SF guys have a point. Joe also has a point when he said  he was a "contractor in a highly classified special operations unit", as I'm sure they were in some really bad shitholes chasing Dune Ninjas and in very hostile if not combative AO's.

Hell who knows?

Claiming shit that ain't true will get you busted sooner or later. Ask this guy... Don Shipley is fucking hilarious. 

I'm just an old 3536. Nothing to write home about there...

I have huge respect for those guys who take it the next level of SF, Seal, Recon, Ranger, Delta, and whatever else there is...

It takes a certain amount of testicular fortitude to want to even be thrown to the wolves like that and be born again hard.

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