Friday, October 31, 2014

Revenge is a dish best served handcuffed...

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Police said no one was hurt when Frein was taken into custody at an abandoned airplane hangar in the Poconos, Philly.com reported.

ABC News reported that Pennsylvania State Police Commissioner Lt. Col. George Bivens said the cut on Frein's face is not the result of a battle with police. "That was an injury that occurred to him sometime in his flight," he said.

State Police Commissioner Frank Noonan also said the injury was not suffered during the arrest and said Frein looked "fairly healthy" when arrested, the Scranton Times-Tribune reported.

Okay, let me say something here..

If you believe this guy was injured before he was caught, you're high right now. I'm not saying he did or didn't deserve it, there's a lot of hard feelings over this whole ordeal. I seriously doubt that they even needed to address his broken nose, scrapes, and possible orbital socket injury to anyone, given the situation he put himself in. Folks up there more than likely could care less if he was injured. I don't care either way because I know if you want to dance, you've got to pay the fiddler sooner or later. I don't know why he attacked LEO unprovoked like that. I say unprovoked, hell, it could've been something as stupid as a traffic citation that set him off. I don't know his reasoning, but I guess we'll soon find out.

When I used to work as bouncer in clubs (cue the Road House jokes), sometimes guys would fall down as they were being escorted out to the street. Sometimes, people take spills over tables and bar stools because they are in their way. It happens. And, if you were unfortunate enough to have to take a trip in an elevator down to the street with several other bouncers in there with you, well, let's just say grown men can still hit high notes that would make Mariah Carey ambitious. It kind of comes with the territory, especially when a son of a bitch cuts you with a beer bottle and all you were trying to do was help him not get killed or beaten into a pile of mush.

Anyways, they caught the guy and he's going to feel the full wrath of the old saying "present choices determine future consequences" very soon.


Chris Mallory said...

"Folks more than likely could care less if he was injured"

I care. Because he has not been convicted of any crime. So if he was harmed by the government employees during the "ride", then those government employees broke the law and should spend the rest of their lives in prison. PERIOD.

Stackz O Magz said...

We all know he was, but the guys that did it will never see prison. That's how it goes in THAT brotherhood. I made my statement of "I don't care either way because I know if you want to dance, you've got to pay the fiddler sooner or later." in regards to it meaning even if I did let it tug my heartstrings for him getting his ass kicked prior to even being found guilty, there ain't shit I could about it anyways. I know where you're coming from though. Let's not get it twisted, I don't condone him getting his ass whipped before he's had his day in court, I just wanted to shine a light on what happens when people try to say otherwise with a press release. I don't care for most of those infringing motherfuckers either.