Thursday, October 9, 2014

Huge Alligator Gar

An old one, but still awesome...

Lake Sam Rayburn TX -

This day was a day that is beyond what I ever imagined possible. After sitting a while on some rolling gator gar, we decided to move to a different spot for long nose. Just after we switched our Retriever reels for spincasts, a big one rolled out behind us, like it was sticking his tongue at us for giving up. So...I said, "Let's make one more pass thru there, and then we can get out of here." Halfway thru that pass, we looked down and saw an absolute monster alligator gar right in front of the boat, only about a foot deep! We both said "Oh my God!" at the same time and both shot the fish at exactly the same time. Both were prime hits right behind the gill and the fight was on!

Story here 


That's a big one folks. Ever wonder how they get so big? They eat a lot and aren't real picky. These are the janitors of the lake. Good times. Happy swimming!

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