Thursday, October 9, 2014

Missouri Cop Shooting Sparks New Protests

An off-duty officer has shot dead a black teenager who police said opened fire during a chase in a St Louis suburb, sparking a night of protests.

The teenager's death comes almost two months to the day since demonstrations erupted in nearby Ferguson after a white police officer killed unarmed Michael Brown.

Like Mr Brown, the latest shooting victim was 18 years old and black. However, unlike the Brown case, Missouri police say the teenager was carrying a weapon and fired at the officer.

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Okay, several things here...

Further down in the article it says the suspect took off running grabbing his waistband as it looked lopsided. He outed himself as carrying... DON'T DO THAT. Buy a damn holster and tighten your damn belt to keep it close to your body, shit... To an observant officer, you will get picked for accostment every time. 

Suspect shot 3 times at the officer before his gun jammed... Folks, CLEAN YOUR WEAPONS. If you're going to carry it with intent for use, it needs to run like a hot water scalded red-assed ape every time. 3 pops and nothing... What are you going to do? Throw it at them after that?

The officer returned fire with 17 rounds killing the suspect... Guess who's weapon was clean and functional? Guess who has trained with many trips to the range to use that clean and functional weapon?  

This was an off duty officer working for a department-approved secondary job as a private security company contractor. He was not in his traditional force Uni I'd bet. The suspect more than likely didn't ever see a badge or any ID indicating this man was a security contractor. I'm not going to lie, if I see you're a rent-a-cop, chances are I'm not going to listen to your commands either.

People die over stupid shit every day. Nothing new here. This would be an example of such stupidity. 

The area will burn soon if this shit keeps up.


Anonymous said...

The demographics of the protesters..... Many have not taken the time to notice, things are changing, of course I have little opinion as to who, what, how... it matters not, things are changing and folks are fed up, this could be bad or it could be good......I have little opinion.

Bill Nye

Dapandico said...

Moms said he was carrying a sandwich