Friday, October 10, 2014

Female sex hormone is 'fuelling male obesity epidemic and causing sperm counts to drop' as men become 'feminised'

The obesity epidemic in men could be fueled by the female sex hormone oestrogen, scientists claim.

Experts believe the hormone could also be causing the well-documented drop in sperm count among Western men.

They said men in affluent countries are becoming 'feminised', as they come into contact with products contain the female sex hormone.

Compounds found in some plastic items, including drainpipes, and soy food products can mimic the effects of oestrogen, scientists said.   

Secreted by the ovaries in pre-menstrual women, oestrogen is known to cause weight gain, inhibiting the thyroid gland and affecting other areas of the brain.

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Hey Bitch-Tits, get your ass on a treadmill or work out a few times a week (aka elevating your heart rate for longer than 30 mins a session) and quit blaming women for your fucking problems. Not saying they don't cause a lot of problems, just saying it's more likely that poor food choices and lack of exercise are what is really kicking your ass.

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