Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Low Risk Possible Ebola Exposure Patient Being Monitored in Houston

HOUSTON, Texas -- A patient, that is having what is described as an “extremely low” chance of having Ebola, is being monitored in a hospital in northwest Houston. The patient was admitted on Monday to the North Cypress Medical Center hospital. During the patient’s screening process it was learned they had traveled to West Africa recently which raised a red flag with hospital officials.

Breitbart Texas spoke with Dr. Michael Barnard who is one of the doctors who owns the hospital. Barnard told Breitbart Texas the hospital had implements a contingency plan that provides for an over-abundance of caution in dealing with patient screening. “At our staff meeting, we announced that any patient who presented the slightest risk of having been exposed to the Ebola virus would be monitored until Ebola could be ruled out,” Dr. Barnard said. 

ABC -13 Eyewitness News in Houston reported that one patient is being monitored after disclosing they had recently traveled to West Africa. It is not known at this time, what symptoms the patient presented with on arrival to the hospital that might have also raised any concerns.


Watching this one close... The plan is in place. If this turns out to be Ebola, we are heading north east into the Pine Thicket. 

May have to change the blog name after that. 

How's The Bearded Evacuator sound?




Anonymous said...

My wife spoke to our niece, who works for the CEO of one of the Dallas hospital hubs. She indicated that yes, they got caught with their pants down on the first case, but all employees have gone through a lot of training on procedures, recognizing symptoms, the right questions to ask possible carriers, etc. Sounded like a pre-recorded rehearsed tape playback to me.
You are right on top of the situation. Keep your ears open and your BOV packed.
The Beardulator?

Stackz O Magz said...

Thanks for the intel X. Yeah man, we are head on swivel here brother. Things are weird right now.