Friday, October 17, 2014

Marines Arrive In Liberia To Gather Blankets For Syrian Rebels

MONROVIA, Liberia — About 100 Marines with Marine Air-Ground Task Force Crisis Response Africa have arrived in Monrovia to join the fight against the Ebola virus ahead of Army troops who will arrive later this month.

Dubbed Operation Firewater, their mission will be to gather blankets, pillows, and bed pans to provide interim resupply to Syrian rebels currently embroiled in combat operations with ISIS forces throughout their region of conflict, according to Pentagon spokesman Gen. Jeffery Amherst.

The Pentagon wants to continue sending humanitarian aid to the rebels in the hope they will soon be capable of routing the self-proclaimed Islamic State in conjunction with ongoing airstrikes. 

Simultaneously, American troops will support Liberian health care efforts by providing logistical support in removing infected materials and by constructing new medical facilities.

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