Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fresh meat

Well, as it turns out, the deer I posted up yesterday also met his demise yesterday. It was all just a matter of being there at our spot when he showed up. My Cousin shanked him with his Matthews before I could show up and smack him with a PSE. We've been scouting this deer for a while and he beat me to him. You know the old adage, "A family that hunts together, stays together. And, they have great interlocking patterns of fire". Alas, to the victor goes the spoils...

Damn it sucks having to work for a living and miss out on all this hunting.


jon spencer said...

The neck looks swollen like he was starting to get into the rut already.
Do you get a share of the meat?

Stackz O Magz said...

Jon we all said the same thing, like they were in pre-rut, cause' it damn sure ain't been cold enough to trigger the full on rut just yet. And yes, I'll be tasting a bit of that strap this weekend as a matter of fact.